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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 23, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> harris: thanks for watching. here's dana. >> dana: the daily briefing starts now. three big stories. first, democrats in the white house totally disconnected over investigations into the president and everyone will go to their corners for the next several days as congress set to head home for the holiday weekend. plus, new information on the number of terror investigations the fbi is handling and it's in the thousands. plus, top u.s. officials concerned about the man dubbed the american taliban, released from prison today. the man who killed rob o'neil joins me. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." first brand new search for
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survivors after deadly tornados tear through missouri. near jobland, at least three people dead, as first responders go door to door looking for anyone who may be trapped. one of the powerful twisters hitting jefferson city, the state's capital. that's where we find matt finn. matt, fill us in on what you have there at 2 p.m. eastern. >> reporter: happening right now, those door to door rescues are happening. we've been seeing them all day. as you look around at this devastation, it's hard to believe and it's so fortunate that no lives were lost here in jefferson city. people are returning to their apartments that are obliterated, mangled cars, trees uprooted and launched in the air, power lines down. a violent tornado toucheddown here 11:30 p.m. neighbors did hear sirens and advised people to take shelter. police say many calls were received from people trapped, 20 people transferred to local hospitals. we see rescue crews going door
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to door promising to make sure everyone is accounted for. they've been climbing over debris. there were some state buildings that were damaged. the governor said nonessential employees to remain home today and tomorrow. dain narc unfortunately, this entire region is not in the clear yet because in the forecast are more potential tornados and flooding that we've been covering across the midwest. missouri river, cuts right through this city, is expected to crest at 9.5 feet above flood stage. dana. >> dana: thank you for that update. i'm joined on the phone by missouri's state representative. this is quite an aggressive storm and took people by surprise. what do you know today that you didn't know overnight? >> the extent of the devastation is horrible. the area that was hit has a lot of devastation.
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many homes, tractor trailers falling over, buildings destroyed. we do not have anyone killed. we're certainly still without power. more rain. roofs have been blown off. so rain will probably destroy any building sz that haven't been destroyed. again, we're very fortunate. we're very fortunate for our police force that's out in full force, sheriff's department is out in full force. other festivities. it's a very giving opportunity. everybody is pitching in. right now more people out who want to help. there's only so much you can do, with the downed power lines. you have to wait for people to getted through the area first. >> dana: do you think that it was helpful -- we've been reporting on the forecasting for several days about these devastating, potential
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devastating storms. this one coming overnight. do you think people were responding to that? >> yes, i think people are responding to it. when sirens went off, very good tornado warning here. that's why we had people going to the bathrooms, going to their downstairs. even in rural areas around jefferson city, they were hearing sirens. even in my own home, i had everyone downstairs. the grand kids were all downstairs. >> dana: you mentioned how hard it is to keep people from coming in. especially people who want to see the devastation in their own homes or help. because you are in state government there, if people need help and they're going to need assistance, rebuilding or finding loved ones, what do you recommend that they do right
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now? >> well, right now i don't know of anyone who's been killed. right now it's time to contact the red cross. they will let owners get to them. i was able to getted to my office building to see the devastation. they are providing >> dana: and then the last question. what about the possibility of flooding, as our reporter matt finn said the crest could be 9.5 feet above the usual. >> that will affect people. it's going to shut down a lot of streets, a flood since we haven't had since 1995 or 1993. that's something we have been
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planning a long time for. the mayor has taken charge. the area that flooded in '93 and '95. we gotted just ab everybody moved out. it's coming. planning. >> dana: we thank you for joining us. the images we are showing on screen show the incredible devastation. thank you for sharing how community oriented jefferson city and the rest of missouri is. the nation is thinking of you and will be pitching in to help you rebuild. rudy viet, thank you. missouri isn't the only state grappling with severe weather this week. in okay oerbg flood warnings are still in effect today. this is a live picture of the arkansas river in northeast oklahoma. storms dumping more than 9 inches of rain across the state since sunday. the water levels are starting to drop for now, but mean time,
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forecasteders say the rush of water from oklahoma could move into arkansas. officials issuing warnings along the arkansas river. the daggers are out as democrats advance their push for impeachment. nancy pelosi accusing president trump of a cover-up. she's doubling down today, questioning his fitness for office. >> another temper tantrum again i pray for the president of the united states. i wish this family or administration or staff will do an intervention. >> name me one problem they have solved. name me one item they have focused on. one item they have focused on is impeachment of the president, even when the facts aren'ted there. >> dana: former senior adviser to john kerry, campaign manager for scott brown. mary anne, let me start with you. obviously, i have known and
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followed nancy pelosi for a long time, when she was speaker the first time around and now this time. she's a person that calculates and strategizes and chooses words very carefully. is there a reason, in your mind, that she continues to suggest that there's some sort of problem with the president. she keeps going back at this. do you think she thinks that pushes buttons that make him react? >> well, first of all, if nancy pelosi says she's going pray for you, that means you're dead already. you just don't know it. so what she says today, she basically said he's in crisis. he's committed a crime. leave of absence. there might be need for an intervention. all of those things, when you just lift up the hood a little bit, she is sending messages to bait donald trump. and donald trump is taking the bait. that's the problem here. >> dana: colin, at some point, will the democrats figure out a way to show other evidence that they supposedly haven't that the
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mueller report didn't show? >> i don't know. they better at this rate. but here's the thing. i give nancy pelosi credit for thus far being able to keep the wolfs at bay when it comes to impeachment. this is the week where she finally lost control. it's no longer the more fringe part of the party, it's people like the democratic chair in the house. this is no longer something to be swept under the rug. it's something she has to deal with. i think you saw her yesterday recognizing that by saying what she said. >> dana: how do democrats and speaker pelosi factor in the american people's sentiment about this? we have new polls showing 52% feel democrats in congress should move on from the mueller report. a number report, 53% saying democrats should continue to investigate the president. that is up a little bit. then you have 73% of democrats saying to do it. majority of the country, 60%
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saying we've had enough of this. how does this factor into the politics? >> nancy power lines is very very shrewd. the common denominator in all these polls are, the more americans learn about the mueller investigation and other misdeeds by donald trump, the more they want him held accountable. that is her calculation. she is firmly in control of her caucus. she is letting people who want to impeach president trump say it. she's letting her committee chairman do all the work and she's being paid off by the fact that these decisions are coming in. deutsche bank's on deck, wells fargo. tens of thousands of pages of financial documents about trump that they did not have before. the longer this goes and the more information that's out there, the public will be clamoring and demanding that congress holds donald trump
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accountable. >> there's a reason the dccc is against impeachment. she knows next year the democrats have 31 seats in trump held districts, formerly trump held districts that they'll have to defend. if their message is impeach and investigate and that's all they have to show in their two years in control of congress, that's confidence for the republicans. these democrats are not talking about impeachment. they're talking about all the issues they campaigned on. they don't want to talk ab impeachment because they know it's a loser. >> dana: looks like, mary anne, if they're already at an impasse and we are just entering into memorial day weekend, that's a long way to go between now and november 2020. the average citizen looking back saying, washington, you can't get anything done ever? what do you campaign on if
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impeachment isn't popular but you have to try to run again? >> well, kevin mccarthy, i don't know where he was, but the house passed 100 bills already. on healthcare, on prescription drugs, on election security. it is the senate who has declined to do anything until about 15 minutes ago when they finally agreed to vote on disaster aid. even disaster aid has become political. the house is doing everything it's supposed to do and holding trump accountable. they're doing their job. >> dana: paul ryan used to blame the senate too. >> that was not a very compelling argument, kind of lost outside of most people. the other thing haven't talked about, this has played out just at the house level. wait until june, six weeks from now when there's a first democratic debate and one of them pour gas on this simmering fire and pours the impeachment thing and it will devour the whole national debate.
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>> dana: security concerns and growing out age as the man known as the american taliban walked out of prison today. john walker lindh released on good behavior after serving 17 years. mike, this was kind of a surprise for a lot of people, but it has been 17 years. >> reporter: it has been 17 years. federal guidelines usually say
11:18 am
85% of the sentence must be done. that's what john walker lindh walked out of the sprawling prison behind me. he he had three years shaved off for good behavior. many believe his behavior has not been good. documents said lindh had been back on the internet viewing radical material, even translating violent text. >> as i understand it, he still is threatening the united states of america. still committed to the jihad that he engaged in that killed a great american and great officer. there's something deeply troubling about this. >> reporter: lindh has supervised parole now for three years. he can have a smart phone or internet capable device that isn't approved by parole. he can only communicate online in english. according to his former attorney that parole will take place in northern virginia. dana? >> dana: you spoke with mike
11:19 am
spann's father. >> reporter: he is the father of the cia agent that was killed in afghanistan. the family of mike spann has long held the belief that he knew about the prison uprising. spann points out lindh has sued the bureau of prisons a couple of times and won. he said instead of our justice system reforming him, he reformed our justice system. also asked, do you really think he won be able to borrow a cell phone from one of his jihadist buddies? the attorney for john walker lindh said mr. spann needs to shut his mouth. mr. lindh was exonerated in the death of mike spann and that mr. spann cannot get over it. >> dana: thank you. help on the way for farmers taking the hit from the u.s. trade war. some of that money will go toward building markets elsewhere.
11:20 am
here's the agriculture secretary sonny purdue earlier today. >> what we're doing is looking for marks all over the world. we have things in india, malaysia, thailand, philippines. we're having small singles and double hits out here. but obviously the china market is huge. we would hope they would come back to the table and do exactly what we asked them to do. >> dana: we should learn more next hour when president trump addresses the nation's farmers at the white house. we'll bring that to you. fbi said there's a staggering number of open terrorism investigations both here and abroad. the pentagon has a new house to house thousands of migrants along the border. it's either the assurance of a 165-point certification proces.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> dana: pentagon announcing plans to build temporary migrant housing in arizona and texas and will house thousands of adults waiting deportation. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with this. william? >> reporter: at the border, dana, agents are basically coping with the situation without much help from capitol
11:25 am
hill. yesterday in mccown texas agents quarantined 32 migrants with the flu, closing down an area typically packed with thousands who arrive and depart from bus stions and shelters including one in new mexico. >> talk to the sponsor. get them tickets and get them to their destination. that's the most important thing so we don't have thousands of migrants walking through the city. >> reporter: with no end in sight, the pentagon agreed to erect tents in arizona and texas to house 7500 awaiting deportation. mexico is complaining that its border shelters are packed and want the u.s. to help stablize the situation with $6 million in foreign aid to central america. >> dana: another child in the government's custody passed away? >> reporter: yeah. 16-year-old guatemala boy died monday at that facility we showed you after seeing a nurse. he is the sixth child to die,
11:26 am
including a 10-year-old salvadoran girl who died after seven months in u.s. hospitals for surgery on a congenital heart defect. today speaker pelosi seemed to blame the president. >> what they're doing is not right. ten years before this, not a single died in custody of the border patrol. now six children have died. >> reporter: many, however, had been examined medically before death. today migrants are screened in the field. now, migrants are going to the hospital 69 times a day. republicans are blaming democrats for not addressing the problem sooner. >> the president, his administration, requested funding, supplemental funding just two weeks ago to help with the humanitarian crisis at the border. democrats had still failed to do that. >> reporter: so border patrol i
11:27 am
spoke to say speaker power lines is comparing apples and oranges because of the population, the volume, the condition of the kids. it is very different. 2012, 2013, ice recorded 31 fatalities. ages were not available. >> dana: thank you. you're look at a live picture, president trump and the first lady visiting arlington national cemetery ahead of memorial day. the president will be in japan on memorial day. reason the white house said they wanted to pay a visit today and support by laying a wreath there on the grave site. will be followed by eight active soldiers, of course. president making this annual trip there with the first lady, an important visual for all of us because it gets us into the mood for memorial day weekend which is not just veterans day. this is to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. that will be memorial day. you've seen the president there.
11:28 am
and if we can bring in rob o'neill, if that's possible. fox news contributor, veteran of our armed forces as well. former navy seal. we have him standing by. we're working on getting him his audio so he can share this moment with us. all right. rob, if i can bring you in here just to talk about the importance of a presidential visit as we continue to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: dana, thanks a lot for having me. like you're saying, it's always important to have a presidential visit. what's important is to realize it's not just a three day weekend. it's honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. it is also realizing that the veterans who died in combat, they would want you to have that time to enjoy the barbecue with friends, have a few beers.
11:29 am
hoping they are looking down happily that they can provide that platform for us to enjoy the freedoms we do have. >> dana: you have served our country. you and your fellow warriors after 9d/11, of course. capturing bin laden. 18 years out after 9/11. our history goes back a long way all the way to the revolutionary war. going forward, a moment like this, when you see the president and first lady taking time to really show their gratitude, do you think that helps young people maybe make a decision to possibly choose a career in the military? >> i hope it can. lot of humility with all branchs of service. they're not looking for what they're getting. it is appreciated.
11:30 am
especially right now that they're in new york with fleet week, able to show off what the navy has, marine corps have. all of them have heroes. most are unsung heroes. it is important to realize, very honorable line of work. especially memorial day, people will remember, will give thanks. i hope they enjoy. very cool what the president is doing. >> dana: stick around. we'll have more with you right after the break. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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11:35 am
behavior. lindh's freedom does have some court imposed restrictions. for instance, on his use of internet and travel. joining me rob o'neill, retired navy seal. you were ultimately involved in the war on terrorism. this is pretty striking. john walker lindh decided to join the taliban before 9/11. radicalized early and made a decision he did serve time for. >> he did join before 9/11. he was radicalized. he was not just with the taliban. he was with al qaeda. if you're with al qaeda, you're not a good person. the only thing we have in common is we both met bin laden. he's been there. he's noted been repentive. he's been actively encouraging people to join the islamic state, check out the islamic state. he went insofar in
11:36 am
correspondence to tell people because he wasn't allowed to getted book sz from them, he recommended americans go over there and check it out. he said journalists were beheaded were killed because they didn't go over there the right way. i'm sure families would also be insulted by that. when you get in some of these prisons, he was able to get more radical. he's hanging out with a cleric in this prison who has got out and become one of the most vocal voices. now he's going to northern virginia where there are a lot of bad apples. his restriction now is he can't have an i phone? thank god there's not such a thing as a burner phone or fake phone. he will get right back into the fight. he wants the islamic state. >> dana: let me read to you, you talk ab correspondence he had regarding isis. he wrote a letter february 2015 saying about isis, yes, they are doing a spectacular job.
11:37 am
the islamic state is very sincere and serious about fulfilling a long aprophecy. do you think we've made any progress in terms of helping prevent radicalization of young americans who would make this choice? >> no, because we're too light on them. we want to make sure it's a peaceful religion. for the most part, it is peaceful. but there is definitely a radicalized part. the brand of sunni islam is very dangerous. that's what isis is. they're doing this in prisons. that radical ideology is in it for the long haul. the problem that we have, we keep forgetting to never forget. he just did 17 years. another three is not gonna hurt. he will get back into jihad. you can mark my words on that. >> dana: obviously, there will be a lot more attention paid to him. he knows that. he will be followed and we'll
11:38 am
keep an eye on it. do you think we should be like . you never notice the flavor of the day is the biggest thing of the day until the next day. same thing with him. if he's going to get back into it, he's a smart guy. he just believes that ideology. like mohamed in gitmo. he's not going to change because we bring in tea and cookies. they believe in paradise. we're noted going to defeat it militarily. we are going to do witness the majority of muslims who want peace. that's the only way we'll get through this. >> dana: rob o'neill always appreciate your perspective. thank you. rescue teams now going door to door after tornados tore through several cities. several storms blamed for three deaths in the state. dozens trapped in their homes. missouri's capital, jefferson city, ground zero for this
11:39 am
disaster. joining me now evening news anchor and reporter and abc 17 and fox 11. there's nobody like a local anchor and reporter to tell you what is going on down there at a place that i know you love. ashley? >> reporter: hi, dana. thanks for having me. first off i have been here in jefferson city. nearly all of my life this is home. this hit close to my heart last night. i was here at ellis boulevard where the biggest disaster area is within 15 minutes of that tornado touching down last night. buildings and businesses that were torn to pieces, i have known those business owners for 20 years. they're my parents best friends. so this is something that's very, very close to me. this is probably the most catastrophic thing, next to the floods of '93, obviously. at least in the past decade or so that this town has ever seen.
11:40 am
this just doesn't happen here. >> dana: overnight, there's no power. tell me what you've heard from people coming back and surveying the damage. >> reporter: about ten minutes before i came over here to talk to you, i spoke to a woman who drove all the way from kansas city. she was crying. she was shaking. she was trying to get to her storage unit. the police are not letting her down there. she said because of looting. i didn't think that would be an issue in the town that i'm from, but it is. she started crying. she broke down completely and said, my parents died two years ago and everything they gave me is in that storage unit. she's just waiting, itching to get into that unit. it was heart breaking. >> dana: let me get one final word on the community spirit. i know people are anxious to get in there and try to help. >> reporter: right. anybody who's been here for even a weekend will know everybody is willing to jump in.
11:41 am
it's an all hands on deck type of thing. we've talked to business owners, even people who lost their homes. they said this is a terrible situation but we're gonna get through it together. >> dana: ashley, we appreciate you coming on and thank you. >> reporter: dana, thank you. >> dana: for more on the areas under threat the next few days, rick is in the weather center. the devastation is really hard to take. >> it is hard to take. it's been such an active period. we're in one of those. 134 reports of tornados since saturday. eventually those numbers will probably come down a little bit. obviously, a really active stretch here. hitting the exact same spot over and over with a lot of rain and flooding concerns. the batch of storms moved through the midwest yesterday, is moving toward the northeast. severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the big cities across
11:42 am
the northeast. this overall pattern we're in is not budging. we have high pressure controlling the southeast bringing incredibly hot temperatures. then we have the west that's been incredibly cold. one batch of threat across the northeast today. might see a tornado or two. then we have this next threat of the next system moving in across the high plains. it doesn't break down at least through the early part of next week and so we expect to see this repeating batch of storms that will continue to fire likely about as much in the same spot. this area looks backwards, but here's tomorrow's threat. saturday is that orange. sunday back here across the high plains. overall, we're going to continue to see the threat of storms and more rain. will be incredible flooding that's been going on. look at this, dana. all of the spots in green, that's flooding. we'll probably see another 5 to
11:43 am
6 inches of rain in some of those same spots. flooding will be a massive problem for us. >> dana: thank you for telling us and hopefully everybody will stay safe. growing number of 2020 candidates now favor impeachment. why the i word has another group of democrats feeling vulnerable. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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11:48 am
terrorism investigations isis or isis related. the recent terror attack in sri lanka shows lou the threat is evolving. the attack there does have foreign influence from isis on the operatives but would not get specific on whether it included financing or training. an al qaeda related terrorism, the fbi official documented 5,000 cases, explaining bin laden's number two who took over the network in 2011 remains relevant though he has not communicated wisely with his followers. the official would not discuss bin laden's son given sensitive intelligence matters. but our contacts report he is likely in the border region between pakistan and iran and being groomed as a leader or figure head. what has the attention of investigators is the spike in the number of domestic terrorism investigations since last october. the official would not get into the numbers, but the cases
11:49 am
include religious or racially motivated crimes, noting the recent synagogue shooting in san diego, as well as the attack in pittsburgh last october, where 11 were killed. the domestic terrorism crimes also include anti-government conspiracies as well as violence associated with the abortion issue. trend sz they are seeing at the fbi is toward lone actor events rather than large conspiracies which are easier to detect and disrupt, dana. >> dana: well, thank goodness for the fbi doing all that work. thank you. chinese tech firm wawai said it is going to stop using google and microsoft software on its devices. they said it would replace the american made operating system with its own. this comes after the trump administration last week said it would ban u.s. companies from was aing wawai's software. the white house said it would wait 90 days to implement that order. the senate set to vote on a disaster relief package giving aid to those affected by floods,
11:50 am
wild fires and hurricanes. more on that ahead.
11:51 am
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>> dana: now a look at the daily three. the senate striking a $19 billion deal open a federal disaster package. the house planning to adjourn before memorial day weekend before considering the bill. theresa may facing pressure to resign after failing to secure a brexit deal. lawmakers have given her till tomorrow to announce when she will leave. facebook has said they will remove three billion fake accounts. the number double the amount disabled in the previous six months period. moderate house democrats are feeling pressure to fall in line on impeachment but they're worried it could hurt their chances for re-election. a growing list of 2020 candidates are signalling their support for impeachment
11:55 am
proceedings. i'm wondering what you think about kamala harris. let's take a listen to what she had to say about impeachment on colbert. >> i believe the process should begin to do an investigation to see if impeachment should happen. there's a very good reason to do it. it's also fair that we are realistic that the senate is not going to impeach this guy. we don't control the majority. i have no reason to believe and there's been no evidence on the senate side that they're going to do the right thing. >> dana: josh, that's a lot of words to get to some sort of a statement there. they're not lighting the world on fire. >> it's more notable of her cautiousness. there's not a lot there from senator harris. on other issues, she's gone with the left of her party, whether it was at one time entertaining voting rights for the boston
11:56 am
bomber, support of bernie sanders single payer health insurance legislation. refusing to condemn ilhan omar for her comments. on impeachment, she's more on the pragmatic side even though it took her a lot of words to get to that point. >> dana: 23 candidates now. by the time they get to the debate in a little more than a month, where do you think they'll be? is impeachment a litmus test for these folks? >> the democrats in the house are going to make the 2020 democrats lives very difficult. you're seeing the impeachment faction of the democratic party getting more traction. even some of the democrats that have won seats in the last mid-term, a few of them are entertaining the support for impeachment. so the real challenge is polling shows impeachment is still extremely unpopular. even investigation, even just having hearings of trump officials only gets about 47, 48% support. so you're not getting a majority of the country behind you and
11:57 am
you're distracting focus on these investigations and not getting attention on what democrats want to talk about like healthcare, the economy and so forth. >> new polls this week. quinnipiac shows the top tier. biden ahead. sanders came up and warren possibly getting a little bit of a staying power in 13%. way down there. i wanted to ask you about this. monmouth university asked a question. is it important to democrats to nominate someone that will build obama's legacy in 44 said very important. somewhat important. that's a how long majority of people that think that. they think that biden can carry on that legacy? >> biden is winning the lion's share of african american voters because of his relationship to president obama. it's why the more progressive candidates that are condemning obama's more incremental legacy
11:58 am
as a democrat, why they're not getting the kind of momentum that you'd expect. elizabeth warren is the candidate to watch. the one thing that has happened in the last couple weeks, she's gotten momentum for the most progressive democrats. >> dana: why? >> she's offering specific policies. that's what liberal democratic voters want to hear. she may have a ceiling. she's a little too far to the left but she has the momentum. >> dana: what else do you look at? this memorial day weekend. >> the question is, of the 23 candidates, pete buttigieg had his moment. he's coming back to earth. he's not built on the momentum. there's someone else that gets in the spotlight. the big question is when the debates come around in june, who will take advantage. >> dana: you can follow josh
11:59 am
krasushaur. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: spike is backing his bags. peter and i are going to overnight dog sit spike for a few days. k-9 companions has rules and commands that i need to learn so i don't give our producer any trouble when she gets back. we have some dos and don'ts. check it out, all right. next, a long-time school custodian in georgia getting quite the send off as students and administrators gather to celebrate john deere locket's retirement, giving him a crown and cape to wear. the good news is, the school turning locket's last day on the job to mr. john day, giving everybody there an opportunity to say good-bye and thank you to the 83-year-old custodian.
12:00 pm
he does not look a day over 65. we want to know his secret as well. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. i'll see you on "the five" in a little bit. have to get ready for that one. here's trace gallagher. >> trace: a live look at the white house. president trump about to announce more help for farmers and ranchers caught in the trade war for china. critics asking why taxpayers should pick up the tab. another meeting getting started right now. about whether military should flex more muscle when it comes to iran. forecasters warning we could see more tornadoes today after a round of dangerous and deadly storms. we're live in capitol city. there's word new technology can scan you for weapons and you
12:01 pm
would never know it. smart secu


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